About us

We created ACTIA to be a flexible, dynamic, agile company, free from bureaucracy and closely connected to our customers and suppliers.

Our differential value lies in the quality of our team, their experience and motivation.

Our experience of more than 25 years working with China underpins our management protocol, guaranteeing the quality of the products supplied.

Inma Robles

Co-founder & CEO

My professional purpose is to improve the lives of the people I engage with. This involves providing my customers with the products they need under the most favorable conditions, generating business opportunities for my suppliers, and cooperating with them to deliver sustainable items with the necessary quality and conditions. And, to lead a team of professionals with shared values, involved in the needs of our customers, while also contributing to  their personal and professional growth. All of this whilst recognizing the importance of adopting responsible practices with respect to our society and the environment.

F. Xavier Bis

F.Xavier Bis

Co-founder & Manager

What motivates me is delivering efficient solutions to my clients’ needs. I enjoy getting to know and to understand people, their organizations and their fields of action. Synchronizing a need in the West with the production capacity in China requires a perfect understanding of both realities and their balance for the success of the project. Every decision is grounded in my personal values and reflects the lasting impression I want to make on my clients. I want to be part of your team in the long term by contributing to the success of your organization.

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction and to work as an integral part of their long-term teams.